Provider Support

Helping You To Help Clients

At First Choice Plan Management we support both NDIS participants and providers.  We love to empower our clients to choose the provider they want and have extensive NDIS experience.  Whether you are a LAC, support coordinator or service provider we’ll help make life easy for you and your clients.

LAC’s & Support Coordinators

First Choice Plan Management enjoys working with LACs and Support Coordinators and welcomes participant referrals. We work with participants and providers across Australia to deliver first-class plan management services.  We’d love to be on your database of providers and would be happy to meet or chat with you to discuss our services.  

Service Providers

First Choice Plan Management believe in supporting the people who support the NDIS community.  We offer a range of great provider benefits to make life easy

Rapid Payment

Invoices processed and paid in just 2 days.

Non-Registered Providers Welcome

First Choice does not require NDIS registration for payment.

Easy Invoicing

Email invoicing. Invoice template supplied to ensure quick and easy approval.

Same Day Set-Up

We can set your clients up in just 30 minutes and have your invoices processed on the same day.

Help & Support

Expert help & advice on NDIS price guides, item codes and invoicing.


Get the help you need quickly and easily by phone or email.

It’s Free For Your Clients To Use Our Services

Our plan management services are funded directly through the NDIA, so your clients will never be out of pocket for using our services.  Plan management is funded separately from other supports so it will not impact the funding your clients already receive.